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Global Link Asia Consulting
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Global Link Asia Consulting - Your trusted service provider for company formation and management in more than 10 countries.

We offer a comprehensive suite of operational support services from A-to-Z, guiding businesses through every step of the process for an ever-lasting company setup success.

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Global Link Asia Consulting
Hồng Kông

Hong Kong

Optimized solutions for gaming, apps, Facebook, Google.

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The ultimate choice for every business

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Ideal for E-commerce and dropshipping businesses

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British Virgin
Islands (BVI)

Popular among finance, distribution, and service firms.

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Company incorporation service in more than 10 countries

Global Link Asia Consulting, a leading provider of company incorporation services, offering one-stop services and a comprehensive range of solutions to businesses looking to expand their operations internationally.

Join us on your journey to the international market

  • +10 countries worldwide from Singapore Hong Kong, Thailand, to the US, Canada, and offshore jurisdictions like BVI, Seychelles, and Belize.
  • +10 years of experience.
  • +700 valued clients
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Tax Accounting services

Thuế - kế toán quốc tế

Professional tax consulting services

Perfect when you just need to feel assured knowing your company comply with local regulation in +10 incorporation countries where we offer support.

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Annual tax accounting services

Annual tax accounting services

Best for international enterprises simply wanting to be in compliance with the basic annual requirements of the country of incorporation. Our services include preparing financial statements and filing annual tax returns.

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Monthly tax accounting services

Monthly tax accounting services

Excellent for companies with a high volume of transactions, a workforce, and a need for detailed internal control over revenue, expenses, salaries, and profits on a monthly basis. Ourservice covers from monthly/quarterly/yearly financial statement preparation to tax filing and tax advisoryg.

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Professional Banking services

Built upon a strong long-term relationship and an extensive network with international banks and payment institutions, we ensure the safety and accessibility of your funds for global trading, facilitate the opening of bank accounts in incorporation countries and financial hubs while catering to your every needs.

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Tài khoản ngân hàng số
Physical Bank Accountx

Benefit from the security, reliability, and personalized support that a physical bank offers.

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Digital Bank Account

Enjoy easy registration process, low fees, seamless transactions, real-time monitoring, and advanced security features.

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Offshore Bank Account

Reach more customers and boost your sales with a trusted offshore bank account form global financial center.

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Support services after company incorporation

Official Proadvisor of the number 1 accounting sofware QuickBooks
in the Asia-Pacific region
Phần mềm kế toán số #1 thế giới
The number 1
tax accounting sofware in the world
Giải pháp hoàn hảo cho doanh nghiệp vừa và nhỏ
The perfect solution
for busineses of all size
Sự khác biệt trong dịch vụ với giá ưu đãi hấp dẫn
Attractive offer
with amazing support from us

Trusted by business owners around the world

Don’s just take our words. See what our valued clients say about Global Link Asia Consulting.
Avatar linda
Dropshipping, POD

Delivering practical, innovative solutions for businesses! Excellent services.

Avatar David
Games development

Excellent service 👍

Avatar Peter
Trading commodities

Professional and swift.

Avatar Daniel

Enthusiastic support in opening bank accounts until success.



with a 10-year experienced expert in the field.


Who we are

Global Link Asia Consulting is a one-stop corporate service provider. We specialize in company incorporation and company management in more than 10 countries.

Global Link Asia Consulting provides services for setting up companies, providing full operational support from A to Z, helping businesses do business effectively and create breakthroughs in the international market.

Our experiences

With over 10 years of expertise in company formation and management , Global Link Asia Consulting helped numerous global enterprises spanning diverse industries, from promising startups to renowned multinational corporations, achieve operational excellence and remarkable success within the global economic landscape.


Global Link Asia Consulting provides various services, including setting up a company in multiple countries, opening a bank account, tax and accounting support, financial reporting, company management support, and more.

Global Link Asia Consulting offers tax and accounting services, including monthly and annual tax reporting, financial statement preparation, compliance with international financial reporting standards (IFRS), and more.

When you decide to use our excellent service, we ensure that you receive expert guidance through the complex process, 100% compliance with local regulations, and access to a wide range of services that help your business thrive in the international market.

Once you join our platform, our dedicated service delivery team will assist you immediately. Rest assured, you won't deal with impersonal chatbots during your company incorporation and compliance journey. Instead, our experienced professionals will personally engage with you task-by-task, ensuring top-notch service quality.
Through our online platform, you'll enjoy seamless coordination and collaboration with our team, making your experience efficient, dependable, and enjoyable.

We implement robust measures to ensure the protection of your data:

  • Secure Data Handling: We utilize encrypted communication channels and specific file-sharing platforms to transmit sensitive documents and information.
  • Restricted Access: Your confidential information is restricted to authorized personnel directly involved in the incorporation process.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements: Our team members and partners sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to uphold confidentiality obligations.
  • Secure Infrastructure: Our IT infrastructure is equipped with modern cybersecurity solutions, a secure online portal for document sharing and storing.