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Support in setting up company in the Seychelles

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Opening a bank account in Singapore

Opening a bank account for a corporate

It is for companies established in Singapore with the following outstanding points:
(1) Online management with full features, including opening LC
(2) Multi-currency accounts (USD/ Euro/ SGD...>
(3) Competitive maintenance and transfer fees

Opening an offshore bank account in Singapore

It is for companies established in countries where outside Singapore such as BVI, Seychelles, Belize, etc. With the offshore bank account in Singapore, you may enjoy:
(1) A high security and protection
(2) An easy management of the account
(3) A fast and effective global payment

Opening a bank account for an individual

It is for foreign individuals who wish to invest, consume and save. With the bank account in Singapore, you may enjoy:
(1) No tax is applied to a personal income of an account authoriser
(2) It is easy to make global transaction and online transfer

Official Partner of QuickBooks (ProAdvisor) in the Asia-Pacific region

QuickBooks - No.1 Accounting software worldwide

QuickBooks Online is the world's #1 accounting software, providing an accounting solution to support businesses during their business administration.
With superior features, diverse approaches, and friendly-using interface, QuickBooks is an accounting software for business owners who strive to manage their finances accurately and efficiently without any specialized knowledge of accounting.

Perfect solution for Small - Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”)

QuickBooks is a unified solution which not only manages the businesses’ revenue and expenditure; but also keeps track of payrolls, inventory, sales activities and meets other needs of business owners.
Besides, QuickBooks’s features also include commercial marketing tools, time-saving preparation of balance sheet reports, profit-loss analysis, cash flow statements for businesses.

Why you should work with Global Link Asia Consulting

As an official partner of QuickBooks (ProAdvisor) in the Asia-Pacific region, Global Link Asia Consulting can sure offer our clients irresistibly attractive prices.
In addition, Global Link Asia Consulting ’s clients will be fully supported during the trial and usage of QuickBooks software. Besides, you can get matched with our certified advisors, bookkeepers, and accountants to make your business even better.

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