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One-stop BVI company registration service

A pioneer in the field of consulting and supporting foreign entrepreneurs and companies to incorprorate a company in BVI.

BVI company registration service
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Experience hassle-free company formation and comprehensive services from A to Z in BVI

Experience hassle-free company formation and comprehensive services from A to Z in BVI

01 BVI company established and maintained in accordance with legal regulations;

01 company bank account;

01 internationally designed website for free, with only hosting fees applicable;

Unlimited consultation time;

Tax and accounting consultation with personalized guidance from an optimized and efficient expert.


How to register an offshore company in BVI, benefits of registerting a company in BVI you can not miss:

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100% foreign ownership. Fast, simple formation process.

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Benefit from a pro-business environment with a morden corporate legislation.

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One of the most popular and prestigious destinations for company set up.

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Attractive tax sheme for offshore companies in BVI (0% corporate tax).

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No public records of directors, shareholders.

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No accounting and auditing requirement.

How to register an offshore company in BVI
Global Link Asia Consulting team
Need a comparison between opening a company in BVI and other countries?
Global Link Asia Consulting is here to guide you through company establishment in 10+ countries, including Singapore, the U.S., Hong Kong, and offshore jurisdictions. Our experts offer tailored advice to navigate the complexities of international company setup, enabling you to confidently explore new growth opportunities.
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A-Z company formation in BVI for foreigners

Global Link Asia Consulting, your trusted partner, will guide you through the incorporation process with ease and provide A to Z business support services.
A BVI company is the ideal gateway to success for businesses in
  • Trading company
  • Investment Holding company
  • Gaming, App Design, Information Technology company.
A-Z company formation in BVI for foreigners
Which person sounds like you?

Global Link Asia Consulting is here to help you solve the puzzle!

Set up a BVI company for accoutant
Set up a BVI company for  start -up
Set up a BVI company for clueless entrepreneur

A full stop company set up in BVI no hidden fees

Especially for foreinger individual and businesses

A comprehensive solution for seamlessly establishing a fully compliant BVI company:
Verify and register your desired company name, ensuring its availability and legality.
Prepare and submit documents, handle all necessary fees with the state government of incorporation.
Obtain essential electronic business records, including Certificate of incorporation, Articles to ensure legal compliance and facilitate smooth operations.
Opening a digital or physical bank account for a BVI company in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the U.S.
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Registered agent services

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Business address services in Singapore/ the U.S.
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Bank account opening services at physical and digital banks

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Accounting, tax-filing, annual filing service

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Eric Nguyen Global Link Asia Consulting is the most professional, efficient, and effective consulting company I have ever worked with. The service fees at GLAC are sometimes even more affordable than other companies. Their management and staff are very friendly and enthusiastic. I am sure I will continue to use their services in the future.

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Peter Doan Providing many innovative and practical solutions for businesses! Good service. Enthusiastic, supporting the opening of a bank account until success.

The difference in the way we offer full support for your company
As a pioneer with +10 years of experience, our experts have helped many business owners successfully set up and manage their BVI companies. We take pride in our service and professional support.
See why you should work with Global Link Asia Consulting
  Global Link Asia Consulting Law firms Oversea filling agents
Advise and compare company formation options between BVI, and other countries
Advise on different types of bank accounts and evaluating the success rate of opening a bank account right from the beginning
Advices on taxes, accounting and annual filling obligations right from the beginning
No hidden fees
Check the name
Set up a company
Handle mails received     Charge
Provdide unlimited 1-1 support throughout the process of maintaining a BVI company
Remind and track important deadlines
Prepare financial reports, provide training courses
Register BVI domain name Depend
Register DUNS for a BVI company Depend


Open your corporate bank account with 99% success

We take pride in providing a unique bank account opening service exclusively for companies in BVI.
Our service is designed to offer you a seamless experience, and excellent support for opening bank accounts tailored to your company needs.
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Mở tài khoản ngân hàng số cho công ty SIngapore tại nước ngoài uy tín và trọn gói
Which is the best choice for your BVI company?
Physical bank accounts
Trusted reputable bank
Safe and secure
Directors and shareholders must fly to Singapore for an interview with the banks.
The requirement for high deposits
Digital bank account
Easy to open
Enjoy efficient bank charges for domestic and international transfers.
Reputable brands
Fast customer support
No deposits required
Innovative tools and integrations.

Professional tax accounting service for company in BVI

We provide professional, all-inclusive tax and accounting services for offshore companies in BVI . With our team of experienced accoutant who have in-depth knowledge of BVI tax and accounting system, we are committed to delivering dedicated and top-quality solutions to address your tax and accounting needs

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Preparation of financial reports in adherence to BVI accounting standards
Ưu điểm
Tax consulting services involving direct collaboration with BVI tax department
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English - Vietnamse support, 24/7, online and offline
Accounting service for company in BVI
Why should you choose to work with Global Link Asia Consulting?
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Experience that speaks for itself. With over a decade of industry expertise, Global Link Asia Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all your needs.
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We believe in transparency and honesty. Rest assured, there are no hidden costs or surprises along the way.
Why should choose Global Link Asia Consulting
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Our consulting services prioritize legal compliance, guaranteeing peace of mind. Tailored practical solutions for your enterprise's unique needs are communicated in a clear and understandable manner.

Foreign individuals/ companies can register a company in BVI with full ownership rights. Under the BVI Companies Act, both local residents and foreigners can legally own 100% of am offshore BVI company.

BVI welcomes business owners of various industries. However, some business sectors such as banking, loan, fund management, invesment fund, insurance and others require a lisence to operate.

As an offshore company incorporation in the BVI, your International Business Company - IBC can be exempt from tax for the profits earned outside of BVI.

The prices we offer for our professional accounting services are transparent from the start and without any hidden costs along the way. We strive to servve our clients in the most cost-saving and efficient way possible.

We have the price of various accounting packages that may best suit your company’s needs, and our team offers digital accounting solutions, which brings about major boost in efficiency.

In accordance with the BVI Business Companies Act amendments 2022, from 1 January 2023 every BVI Company needs to submit an Annual Financial Return to its Registered Agent.

Global Link Asia Consulting will advise and guide you from start to finish. As soon as the you choose to use the service, the tax accounting team will start the initial accounting review, to ensure that your business and money accounts are in a position which is in accordance with the Accounting Standards of BVI and International Financial Reporting Standards.

After that, our accountant will welcome you onboard with our hassle-free digital solutions and accounting services.

Many entrepreneurs choose Global Link Asia Consulting as their trusted parner fo bank account opening for:

  1. Fuss-free business account opening process
  2. Long-term relationship with a wide range of local banking partners
  3. Dedicated support team that answers all your queries even on weekends
  4. Prompt response and easy-to-follow guide for application

We suggest you should have at least 2 type of corporate bank accounts, either digital or physical one. This helps ensure that your business runs smoothly without hindrance in the cash flow, which can be due to bank account freezing or other potential factors.

A digital bank account is created by digital banks (They offer many of the same banking services as a traditional bank, but the main difference is that digital banks don't have physical branches). The benefits of opening one is its fast and simple account registration, cost efficiency and time saving and the ability to use immediately once opened

An offshore bank account is an account opened outside of where you live and ouside of where your company is incoporated. Usually, an offshore bank account is opened in major financial center such as the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

You should open offshore accounts to minimize financial risks and diversify solvency.

Our comprehensive corporate services cater to every need of BVI companies. From initial incorporation to ongoing compliance, license approvals, payroll administration, bookkeeping, accounting, tax filings, immigration services, and more, we provide a full range of solutions.

Our dedicated team will assist you through our cutting-edge online platform (Service desk), ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for all our services. Trust us to handle your corporate needs with expertise and convenience.

Experience the power of our secure and user-friendly online corporate services platform. It revolutionizes the process of incorporating and maintaining compliance for your BVI company. Gone are the days of relying on slow email responses or unanswered calls.

Our platform puts you in control. Each task is intelligently assigned and tracked, ensuring prompt and high-quality delivery. With full visibility into the status of every task, you stay informed and empowered. Embrace the future of corporate services and leave behind the inefficiencies of the past.

Once you join our platform, our dedicated service delivery team will be there to assist you every step of the way. Rest assured, you won't be dealing with impersonal chatbots during your company incorporation and compliance journey. Instead, our experienced professionals will personally engage with you on a task-by-task basis, ensuring top-notch service quality.

Through our online platform, you'll enjoy seamless coordination and collaboration with our team, making your experience efficient, dependable, and enjoyable.


Global Link Asia Consulting is ready to help

Let Global Link Asia Consulting help you set up and manage your overseas company from A to Z so that you can focus on global ambitions and create business breakthroughs.

More than 700 business owners have chosen Global Link Asia Consulting as their strategic consulting partner for a successful company incorporation and management. And so can you too. Contact our expert and start your journey today.
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