Legalisation of documents from Hong Kong for foreign use

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After successfully establishing a firm in Hong Kong (China), many enterprises would consider returning to Vietnam (or other countries) to build subsidiaries, construct new branches, or open a representative office, among other things. Depending on the scenario or the specific goal, the receiving nations will ask the investor to "consulate legalize" the required Hong Kong (China) firm paperwork in order to expedite this foreign investment procedure.

The following article of Global Link Asia Consulting will assist clients (companies/individuals) in better understanding the "legalization" of documents, as well as the unique processes and time required to complete the paperwork for Hong Kong (China). 


1. What you should know about the consular legalization of the document in Hong Kong

Consular legalization is the act of confirming the authenticity of the last seal or signature on foreign-related notarial deeds and other certificates issued in China, as well as relevant documents issued by other countries, on the application of natural persons, legal persons, or other organizations.

Consular legalization does not certify the matters certified by notarial deeds or other certificates, nor does it accept responsibility for the legitimacy and legality of the document's content, which is the duty of the issuing institution. The goal of consular legalization is to ensure that a document issued in one nation may be recognized in another and that its legal impact outside of the issuing country is unaffected by suspicions about the legitimacy of the seal or signature on the document.

Companies that establish a business in Hong Kong (China) may face plenty of challenges relating to consular legalization of documents in order to satisfy a variety of operational needs, including:

  • Opening foreign bank accounts in Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Vietnam, etc.
  • Establishing branches in foreign countries (Singapore, USA, Vietnam, BVI, etc.)
  • Presenting legal documents to the parent company in foreign countries, etc.
  • And other personal needs of the business owner when living and working in Hong Kong (China)

It can be seen that throughout the operation of a Hong Kong firm, a large number of documents must be certified in order to be utilized in Vietnam and other countries across the world. Choosing consular legalization services of Global Link Asia Consulting because we know the demands of the business and swiftly and efficiently legalizing the essential paperwork for your company is a wise decision.

2. The most-used documents in Hong Kong that require consular legalization

2.1 Business documents that require consular legalization

Based on our expertise servicing numerous Hong Kong enterprises from various industries, these are the most common documents needing consular legalization:

  • Hong Kong Business Registration License
  • Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation
  • NAR1 (Annual Report)
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Directors' Register (Register of Directors)
  • The Company Secretary must be registered (Register of Secretary)
  • Shareholders' Register (Members'/Shareholders' Register)
  • Appointments
  • Authorization letters

2.2 Personal documents that require consular legalization

Entrepreneurs who begin operating and residing in Hong Kong (China) immediately must legalize the following personal information documents:

  • Working permit
  • Application for Birth
  • Marriage and divorce registration
  • Teaching Permit for Abroad
  • Documents filed in court
  • Letter of authorization
  • Judicial Documents
  • Professional license
  • Appointment decision
  • A letter of recruitment
  • International research articles
  • Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

3. Global Link Asia Consulting's straightforward and quick process of consular legalization for documents in Hong Kong (China)

With expertise assisting numerous firms in legalizing documents in Hong Kong (China), Global Link Asia Consulting understands that the usual challenges encountered by organizations when conducting this task themselves are fairly broad, and include:

  • Missing paperwork or documents for consular legalization.
  • Spending a significant amount of time waiting for replies from various agencies at each step of implementation
  • Difficulty understanding technical jargon and interacting in English with agencies involved in the consular legalization procedure.

Hence, Global Link Asia Consulting develop a streamlined and quick process to fully support you with your business and personal documents.

3.1 Process to consular legalize business documents in Hong Kong (China)

  • Step 1: Assist consumers in gathering the paperwork required for consular legalization of Hong Kong (China) documents: 

1 - Global Link Asia Consulting conducts phone consultations with consumers in order to understand their problems and propose solutions.

2 - Following that, we will advise the customer to provide us with 1 set of SCAN documents, including the original and other genuine documents, by email.

3 - Global Link Asia Consulting submits the dossier to Hong Kong (China) (or the nation providing the client's application) to determine whether it is legitimate and eligible for consular legalization.

4 - Inform consumers in full about the projected completion time.

Customers should keep the following information in mind while submitting original documents for consular legalization:

  • Public documents (issued by the government instead of consular legalization) usually always require simply a soft copy to be checked.
  • Original documents are required to compare information in public documents (issued by another government when consular legalization is required).

Customers must provide the following documents to obtain permission:

  • 01 Declaration of consular certification/legalization, completed on form No. LS/HPH-2012/TK.
  • In the event of a direct application, the original identity document (ID card, passport, or passport replacement); or 01 photocopy of an identification document (ID card, passport, or passport-replacement document) in the case of a postal application. This document does not require authentication.
  • 01 copies of documents and documents sought for consular legalization
  • 01 Vietnamese or English translation of documents and documents required for consular legalization (if such documents and documents are not made in these languages). The translation is not official. The applicant is responsible for the translation's correctness.
  • 01 envelope with the recipient's address clearly written on it (if the application is sent by post and the results are requested to be returned by post).
  • Recognizing the large number of business documents that must be generated, we can assist you in purchasing a standard set of documents offered by the Hong Kong government (China).
  • Step 2: Document notarization and authentication. Global Link Asia Consulting will provide the documents and liaise with the Hong Kong (China) notary office to get them notarized and authenticated by the notary.
  • Step 3: The Embassy of the nation where the document is required in Hong Kong (China) will perform consular legalization for the document.
  • Step 4: Have documents translated and notarized in Vietnamese (or the country where the document needs to be used). Many of our clients desire to translate and notarize these documents for the ease of their customers and business partners in accessing, comprehending, and updating these documents. We will assist clients in translating these documents at a better price.
  • Step 5: After consular legalization, Hong Kong (China) documents are ready for use in foreign countries.

3.2 Process to consular legalize personal documents in Hong Kong (China)

If your company requires consular legalization of Hong Kong (China) personal documents, Global Link Asia Consulting will guide you through the same process as the one for business documents. Step 2 will be added to the procedure.

Because of the varying nature of personal documents, the notary may call the client immediately after submitting the dossier to verify a variety of connected concerns. If the customer has a requirement, Global Link Asia Consulting will assist the interpreter throughout the interaction with the notary in order for the information to be conveyed as properly as possible.

4. Benefits when working with Global Link Asia Consulting

4.1 Our methodical procedure will guide you with clear direction

With years of experience in consular legalization of foreign documents for enterprises based in a variety of countries (Hong Kong (China), the United States, Australia, and others), Global Link Asia Consulting has established a straightforward and transparent process, with no hidden fee for the customer. Compared with dealing directly with the relevant government agency, the time required to get your documents legalized with Global Link Asia Consulting will be much faster.

4.2 Our one-stop solution can support you in different aspects of your business operation

The consulting team with extensive knowledge and experience supporting international MNCs and SMEs can also provide comprehensive advice and solve difficult problems for businesses in the process of operating a Hong Kong (China) company: Tax - accounting, Financial Reporting, Payment Solutions, Hong Kong (China) Bank Account Opening, and so on.

4.3 Our wide-ranging relationship can support in solving your complicated business problems

Global Link Asia Consulting has extensive relationships with government agencies in countries such as Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Vietnam, the United States, and Australia, among others, and is a leading partner of the world's leading technology solutions companies, allowing it to quickly handle all customer problems ranging from document management to finance to technology and beyond.

5. Frequently asked questions about consular legalization for Hong Kong (China) documents

5.1 How long will it take for Hong Kong (China) documents to be consular legalized? (company records, etc.)

It usually takes 2-3 working weeks to complete the consular legalization of Hong Kong (China) documents and deliver them to other nations. However, depending on the circumstances, the time may differ by a few days (for example due to the Covid-19 epidemic situation, due to limited transportation units or other objective reasons, etc.)

5.2 Do you need to provide the original or an e-file to Global Link Asia Consulting for consular legalization?

All documents requiring consular legalization must be accompanied by the original for comparison and notarization. However, for some license applications issued by the Hong Kong (China) government, Global Link Asia Consulting may assist with purchasing straight from the government (this cost is not included in the legalization cost).

5.3 Does Global Link Asia Consulting provide expedited consular legalization for documents issued in Hong Kong (China)?

The Embassy (of foreign countries) in Hong Kong (China) normally does not provide expedited consular legalization services for documents issued in Hong Kong (China). Global Link Asia Consulting may, however, aid in verifying and reporting to consumers depending on the time of day.

5.4 How long does the consular legalization of documents from Hong Kong (China) last?

Different dates would be required depending on the purpose of the application and the client submitting it. However, after assisting with a wide range of instances, Global Link Asia Consulting discovered that the most common request is that the application be valid within the previous 6 months.

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