Call Forwarding: Using a Foreign Country’s Telephone Number – Redirecting Calls to Your Home Country

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call-forwardingTo businessmen who possess an offshore company, branch or representative office, contacting its foreign clients or partners is of utmost importance. Therefore, a lot of businesses have been using Roaming - connecting to another available cell network when your phone is outside its home network. Despite its convenience in contacting international clients, Roaming still has its drawbacks – high charges, for example. As Roaming is losing its attraction, companies are seeking for a more effective alternative.

Deeply understanding your worries, Global Link Asia Consulting has successfully experimented Call Forwarding (Call Diversion) - a service assisting companies in international contact. In this article, Global Link Asia Consultingwill provide a detailed overview of Call Forwarding.


1. What is data roaming? 

Roaming allows mobile phone subscribers to connect to cell networks in countries and territories that entered roaming agreements with their home network. Businesses have to buy a sim card in their desired foreign country (with its country code) - for example: Singapore (+65), Australia - (+61), France (+33), Germany (+61), USA (+1), Hong Kong (+852), Malaysia (+60), Japan (+81), UK (+44), etc.Then, they will bring this phone number to their home country and register Roaming service.



Nevertheless, Roaming has its drawbacks:

  • Business owners have to come to the desired foreign country to register or buy sim cards.
  • High international Roaming charges
  • The called parties also have to pay relatively high charges

2. What about Call Forwarding Service provide by Global Link Asia Consulting?

Business owners can register phone numbers in any desired country, and GLAC will help you to forward incoming calls from this registered number to another phone number according to your purpose of using. Call Forwarding enables businesses to register phone numbers of more than 60 countries around the world such as Singapore, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Germany, Malaysia, UK, etc.

For example, Mr. Leong, who lives in Malaysia, set up a company in Singapore with its branch in Australia. Instead of purchasing 2 local sim cards of each country in business, now he only needs to register 2 phone numbers in Singapore (+ 65………) and Australia (+ 61……). When his partners/clients call, the incoming calls will be forwarded to his phone number in Malaysia, which is (+60) 016…xxx.



Countries available for registering telephone numbers

As you can see, the distinguishing trait of GLAC’s service is that instead of using your home country’s phone number to contact partners/ clients, with Call Forwarding, you can use the phone numbers of your partners/ clients’ home countries. Having an international phone number will surely enhance your prestige and professionalism.

In addition, advantages of Call Forwarding far outweigh those of Roaming:

  • Registration fees can be paid anually
  • The called party pays 20 timesless than Roaming
  • High-quality calls
  • Easy to change the phone number you desire to take the forwarded incoming calls.
  • Simple online methods of payment via Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, etc

Besides, should you wish to register phone numbers according to geographic regions, charges will be lower compared to buying phone numbers of a particular country, In this service package, businesses can choose among Europe, Asia, Latin America and so on to businesses with offshore companies or representative agencies, Call Forwarding by Global Link Asia Consultingwill undoubtedly bring convenience to contacting foreign clients/partners. 

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