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Stripe - A smart Payment Gateway

stripeEvery store owner comes to realize that their businesses need to have an online presence since people all over the world are shopping on the Internet. Among topics about what to sell online, and how to start an online store, the most puzzling one is how to accept credit and debit card payments online.

Here’s a solution: Stripe payment gateway - A smart payment solution that connects your e-commerce website and your bank. Stripe and PayPal emerge as the market leader in Payment Gateways

Global Link Asia Consulting will give the best solution for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises to make the most simple online payment with Stripe – A smart payment gateway.

1. What is Stripe payment gateway?

Similar to PayPalStripe is an online payment gateway that helps individuals/businesses receive payments from their online business website and conveniently withdraw money to their bank accounts:

  • In 2011, in San Francisco (California), Stripe was born with the aim of expanding the e-commerce market and becoming a reliable product for today's Startups.
  • Stripe is based on seven simple lines of code, helping traders to accept payments online. The job is done quite easily by copying - pasting the code into the trader's website.
  • Stripe also built an easy-to-use Application Programming Interface (API) to accept credit cards. Therefore, businesses are very fond of Stripe's API for its clear documentation and extremely low transaction fees.

2. Why should you choose Stripe payment methods?

In fact, online purchases and payments can be done easily through international wire transfers, e-wallets, etc. However, there are many risks to both buyers and sellers when the payment is made through the online payment gateway with cards such as Visa/Mastercard/American Express, etc. Criminals cheating on online transactions are becoming more diverse and sophisticated.

So why don't customers use the Purchase app available on Apple's iPhone (Customers do not need to download or register this application? This application is convenient, but you still have to pay up to 30% for Apple.

If you do not want to spend this fee, your business needs to have a Stripe account for the following reasons:

  • Ease of use
    Stripe users, including the small business owners we spoke with, rave about how easy the service is to use. Stripe isn't just easy to use for businesses, but it simplifies checkout for customers as well. 

“Stripe made payment acceptance and now card issuance easier than ever and transformed a business into a technology decision” 

Ryan Gilbert, fintech investor, and General Partner at Propel Venture Partners

  • Flexibility
    What also makes Stripe a favorite amongst small business owners is its flexibility. There are two ways for businesses to accept credit card payments on Stripe: via the dashboard or by integrating the service into their online stores.

  • Simple pricing
    Stripe only charges a flat fee per transaction for which the merchant receives money from the buyer. All withdrawal fees to the merchant's bank account are free of charge. Compared to other online payment solutions, Stripe has a huge advantage.

Note: Stripe has been present in more than 42 countries around the world, including the USA, Hong Kong (China), and Singapore. Although Stripe is not yet in Vietnam and many other countries, the individuals/businesses here can also use Stripe if they have a personal bank account in Singapore or incorporate a company in Singapore.

The reason is registering a Stripe account for businesses of non-listed countries in Singapore will help businesses take full advantage of a Singapore company. Global Link Asia Consulting supports customers in setting up the most professional and prestigious company in Singapore in order to meet the conditions for opening a Stripe account.

3. How we help businesses set up a Stripe account?

  supporting to set up a company and open a bank account in Singaporejpg supporting to open a Stripe account for business min Website design for businesses in Singapore  

Step 1: Supporting clients to:

Setting up a company + Opening a bank account in Singapore.

Step 2: To open a Stripe account, business needs:

  1. Register to open a Stripe account at Stripe Singapore
  2. Link your Stripe account to your Singapore corporate bank account
  3. Verify Stripe account

Step 3: Website design for businesses in Singapore.

We assist customers to integrate the Stripe payment gateway into the website.


Owning a Stripe account is very beneficial, however, the registration process involves various steps and complicated documents - which can cause unnecessary difficulties for you to open a Stripe account.

Understanding that problem of your business, Global Link Asia Consulting launches the following services:

  • Instructions for registering a Stripe account in accordance with the standard process, especially for merchants who have ever had problems making online payments, or signing up for a Stripe account.
  • Support for Stripe account management and maintenance, optimizing international money transfers, etc.
  • Consultancy on international online payment solutions, etc.

With our one-stop services such as Bank account opening (Corporate/Personal), Tax - Accounting, QuickBooks (Retail License and Training), Website design and Domain registration, Payment solutions, etc., we pride ourselves on being a reliable consultancy to accompany you at every level of your business development.

Contact us for transparent, competitive pricing and timely support at:

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Hotline: (+65) 3163 4102
  • Viber/WhatsApp: (+65) 8355 1210


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