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accounting and financial solution for dropshipping/ecommerce businessOperating an e-commerce business is a complex procedure that doesn't involve only basic online store management. With such a large quantity of orders per week/month, many Dropshipping and E-commerce business owners are having headaches in finding the most optimal accounting–financial management solution, which must also be automatic to minimize human labor and reduce cost and time for the businesses as much as possible.

Therefore, e-commerce-integrated QuickBooks Online accounting software is an indispensable solution for online businesses. To assist you in making the most out of this accounting software, Global Link Asia Consulting will gladly introduce you to e-commerce integrated solutions that are compatible with QuickBooks Online.


Are you running a start-up or SME with a limited size of workforce? Are you wondering whether to hire an accountant or look for other accounting solutions (outsource, etc.)? Do you need an accountant but cannot afford the cost of hiring more staff?

If your answer is "Yes" for all of these above questions, QuickBooks Online is your optimal solution. Developed and run by Intuit, the premium and user-friendly QuickBooks Online accounting software is designed to assist SMEs perform all the accounting tasks without a hitch.

The most remarkable feature of this software is that you do not need to have any experience or knowledge of accounting to operate. With such a simple design, you can confidently adopt QuickBooks Online into the administration process of your companies to boost work efficiency.

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Despite of the necessary of human resources in accounting field and the opportunities promotion, the accountants have to face with many matters in their daily job. Quickbook is one of the most effective solutions to make the company accounting system smoothly.

In this content,  Global Link Asia Consulting would gladly introduce some popular features of the QuickBooks acounting software which makes businesses to have an overview of this useful software.


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