QuickBooks Online course for companies in Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and more

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It has always been challenging for business owners to manage the internal accounting situation of companies in Singapore, the US, Hong Kong, etc. However, a professional accountant is not a must for all companies to operate well, because accounting management can be automatically conducted via QuickBooks Online.

To maximize the technological potential of financial bookkeeping management, attending a QuickBooks Online course will be a super beneficial solution to enhance the efficiency of accounting management to the next level – PRECISE – EASY – QUICK – COST-SAVING. Let us tell you all the reasons in this article.



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1. Why should business owners take the QuickBooks Online course?

2. What benefits do business owners get from Global Link Asia Consulting's QuickBooks Online course?

2.1. What are the benefits of the QuickBooks Online course?

2.1.1. Easy-to-understand training content with flexible language and user-friendly interface

2.1.2. Flexible practice time with many short training videos:

2.1.3. Adaptable and practical when training video content is arranged following standard accounting procedures

2.2. Who the QuickBooks Online course is for?

1. Why should business owners take the QuickBooks Online course?

Incorporating technology into every business aspect is a long and difficult process, and QuickBooks Online incorporation into the business accounting management process is no exception. Upon first-time learning to use QuickBooks Online on your own, most business owners and accountants will encounter such problems:

Common Problems

Common problems Detailed description
Difficulty in applying suitable accounting operations following business type on QuickBooks Online

Each business type will require certain different accounting operations, which resulted in differences in bookkeeping management procedures. This requires business owners to be proficient in the accounting operations on QuickBooks Online to plan more precise company financial projections.

Time-consuming in getting used to the interface and features of QuickBooks Online

For business owners and accountants who are familiar with accounting and financial management via Excel Spreadsheet, first-time using QuickBooks Online will be harder to familiarize yourself with the QuickBooks Online Dashboard interface and various accounting features. A few similar features will take more time for users to tell apart and apply in long term.

Difficulty in finding a solution for every accounting problem done on QuickBooks Online

For every problem arising out of the QuickBooks Online process, business owners tend to seek advice and solutions from accountant groups or QuickBooks Online community support pages. This approach may offer a deeper understanding of QuickBooks Online, but there certainly will be shortages:

  • It takes a lot of time and effort to get a solution: Finding a solution on your own means that you will have to surf through numerous threads to find the right solution for your problem. However, there is no trustworthy source with all of the common problems and optimal solutions to help you.
  • Technical jargon barrier: QuickBooks Online is English-based with countless technological and accounting terms.  Therefore, it will be hard for you to fully understand the content of the addressing problem, as well as encountering confusion of accounting jargons mentioned in the support groups.
Difficulty in time arrangement for Intuits QuickBooks Online training courses.

The QuickBooks Online developers, Intuits, are proactive in offering supports to its user community by organizing training webinars. However, business owners may find it difficult to participate in these sessions because:

  • There is a fixed schedule for these webinars, not all business owners or accountants can make time to attend them.
  • The content of webinar sessions is in English. Learning accounting – technological lessons in English may not be easy for Vietnamese business owners/ or accountants.
  • The training content usually is restricted to solve the problems directly related to QuickBooks Online software, not concentrating on accounting and financial issues of the business (financial statement order, accounting operations, etc.)
  • These sessions are usually not recorded or replayed, only lived once. Therefore, business owners or accountants can't rewatch these webinars to solve the problem.
Difficulty in using the features of QuickBooks Online for accounting operation

This is a common problem for accountants with little experience in using specialized accounting software. It is mostly due to the difference between Excel-based and QuickBooks Online-based processes of compiling, using data, and performing accounting professions. So accountants will need a certain long time to get used to the new technological platform.


Although such modern accounting app like QuickBooks Online is designed for non-accountants, users still need to undergo training to adapt to a new technological accounting platform. new. Upon the first-time experience with QuickBooks Online, learning accounting terms, getting used to the interface layout, and customizing suitable settings can already be a challenge for business owners or accountants before getting noticeable benefits and effectiveness in the long run.

As a result, taking an online course on QuickBooks Online will be the optimal solution for business owners to:

  • Solve all problems arising in the implementing stage promptly; and
  • Learn flexibly when you can study anywhere, anytime; and
  • Speed up the technological application into the company's internal financial-accounting management procedures



2. What benefits do business owners get from Global Link Asia Consulting's QuickBooks Online course?

2.1. What are the benefits of the QuickBooks Online course?

Global Link Asia Consulting's QuickBooks Online course will provide businesses and accountants with the following amazing benefits:

2.1.1. Easy-to-understand training content with flexible language and user-friendly interface

Not everyone has both well-rounded accounting - technology knowledge and a good English background to learn how to use QuickBooks Online from a wide range of foreign sources. Therefore, Global Link Asia Consulting has designed the course with all these superior features:

  • Language diversity with English and Vietnamese combination in the online courses
  • Simple and user-friendly learning interface

→ Your learning experience will be simpler - faster – and more enjoyable

2.1.2. Flexible practice time with many short training videos:


Instead of jamming all training knowledge in a 3-4 hour traditional webinar, the course is broken down into short videos with detailed descriptions such as:

  • How to get used to the overview interface and accounting functions of QuickBooks Online;
  • How to customize the basic settings on QuickBooks Online;
  • How to perform accounting services in customer management, revenue recording on QuickBooks Online; etc.

Besides, online quizzes on QuickBooks Online were also included to help business owners in memorizing QuickBooks Online operations and the necessary accounting operations to effectively manage internal accounting - financial situation in the long term.

Each course is available in 30 days, counting from the date of logging in to the training system, the business owner or accountant can fully rewatch the videos or download the files for practice or QuickBooks Online problem-solving purposes.

→ Thus, compared to the one-time live webinars, you can save a lot of money when registering for the course allowing multiple practice attempts of Global Link Asia Consulting.

Moreover, when participating in Global Link Asia Consulting's QuickBooks Online course, business owners or accountants will also receive:

  • QuickBooks Online Certificate issued by Global Link Asia Consulting: Being QuickBooks Online’s official partner in the Asia-Pacific region, Global Link Asia Consulting will support the issuance of QuickBooks Online course certificates as proof for the efforts of businesses to internally implement QuickBooks Online.
  • 24/7 support: to provide business owners or accountants with the best learning experience, Global Link Asia Consulting will support you from logging in to answering questions during the QuickBooks Online learning course and using period.
  • 1-on-1 support in QuickBooks Online course: In case you want to learn or discuss more about QuickBooks Online and its usage, Global Link Asia Consulting can offer 1-on-1 in-person courses to meet the demands.

muc dich hoc quickbooks online 1

2.2. Who the QuickBooks Online course is for?

By enhancing technology into solutions for each business problem, Global Link Asia Consulting designed the QuickBooks Online course for:

Business owners:

They must prepare accounting-financial reports to administrate the company's cash flow and make future projections on spending budgets. Because:

  • Not all business owners have sufficient accounting knowledge for each type of company.
  • Not all business owners are proficient with technological accounting applications
  • Not all businesses have splendid accounting human resources
→ Therefore, the online course on QuickBooks Online is the most optimal solution to consolidate accounting - technology knowledge and resources for business owners.


They have a solid accounting background but don’t have many opportunities to perform accounting operations on modern accounting platforms. Self-learning for technological accounting apps like QuickBooks Online is difficult when accountants lack working experience with this software.

→ Thus, taking an online QuickBooks Online course will help accountants to:

  • Significantly alter the accounting - financial bookkeeping methods; as well as
  • Improve the technology adaptability into their profession

Accounting - auditing majoring students:

They have many chances to approach academic accounting knowledge but lack the opportunities to practice theoretical knowledge on modern accounting platforms.

→ Gaining practical experience through the QuickBooks Online course will help students to:

  • Diversify accounting knowledge source via a modern technology platform
  • Accumulate accounting - technology knowledge from Global Link Asia Consulting accounting experts
  • Growing work appeal to headhunters by earning QuickBooks Online course certificate

nguoi hoc quickbooks online

Global Links Asia Consulting Company - a consulting firm specializing in offering ONE-STOP solutions for every business at every level of your business development - is ready to support your business with the following services:

With our one-stop solutions, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy partner - working directly with major notable banks such as OCBC, DBS, UOB, Standard Charter Bank, ANZ, etc and international payment gateways such as PayPal and many other partners. With many years of experience working in this industry and having supported many companies, Global Link Asia Consulting are confident to bring the best quality of our services to all clients.

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This article was written by Global Link Asia Consulting Pte. Ltd. and was first published on https://www.globallinkconsulting.sg/ on 16th September 2021. Its copyright belongs to Global Link Asia Consulting Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. You may not, except with our express written permission, copy, modify, commercially distribute or exploit the content.

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