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A pioneer with 10 years of experience in A-to-Z Singapore company registration

Hỗ trợ thành lập công ty Singapore trọn gói
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+10 Years
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A-to-Z Singapore company registration service just for you

1 fully compliant Singapore company;

1 company bank account;

1 professionally designed website meeting international standards, with only the hosting fees.

Unlimited consultation time;

1-1 consultations from our experts in tax and accounting matters.


Why incorporate in Singapore?

Ưu điểm Singapore

100% company ownership for foreign entrepreneurs.

Ưu điểm Singapore

100% online, quick, and legal procedures:

  • Fast Singapore company registration.

  • Straightforward Singapore company administration service.

  • Easy capital increase and share issuance.

Ưu điểm Singapore

100% safe online banking transactions in this proactive global financial center.

Ưu điểm Singapore

Irresitible low Singapore corporate income tax rate:

  • Attractive corporate income tax incentives for both registered companies and startups.

  • Double tax avoidance agreements with +70 countries.

Ưu điểm Singapore

Strategic geographical location, a a bridge between Southeast Asian nations, and a connection between Asia and the rest of the world.

Tại sao nên thành lập công ty tại Singapore
Đội ngũ chuyên gia Global Link Asia Consulting
Why choose Singapore vs Other countries?
Global Link Asia Consulting, as your one-stop strategic corporate consulting partner helping you set up your company in more than 10 countries, we show you the difference between different overseas company formations and the best solutions for all your corporate needs.
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A-to-Z Singapore company registration for foreigners

Your Singapore company setup process varies based on your residency status, Whether you are a foreigner or a foreign company, we offer the same professional, comprehensive support for seamless Singapore company incorporation.
The expert guide you A-to-Z Singapore company registration
Is this your business portrait?

Don't worry, we are here to assist you in resolving challenging issues for businesses.

The chief account is confused about the singapore incorporation procedure
The startup is is confused about the singapore incorporation procedure
The entrepreneur is confused about the singapore incorporation procedure

Your comprehensive Singapore company registration service with no hidden fees

For aspiring foreign entrepreneurs and foreign companies.

A-to-Z Singapore company incorporation
Check and register the company name.
Set up a company in Singapore (including fee payable with Singapore’s company registrar, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
Prepare company incorporation document: business profile, company constitution, director profile, etc.
Ưu điểm

Full-compliant Nominee director and Corporate Secretary services

Ưu điểm
Registered company addresses service to your business needs
Ưu điểm

Bank account opening services at physical and digital banks

Ưu điểm

Singapore accounting, tax-filing, annual filing service

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Eric Nguyen I must express my gratitude to Global Link Asia Consulting – the most professional and effective consulting company I've ever worked with. Surprisingly, their service fees are often more budget-friendly than others. The entire team is not just professional but also incredibly friendly and enthusiastic. Without a doubt, I'll be a long-term client. Thank you, GLAC!"

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Peter Doan Delivering many practical, reasonable business solutions! Exceptional service. Enthusiastically supporting me in opening my business bank account with success.

The difference in the way we offer full support for your company
As a pioneer with +10 years of experience, our experts have helped many business owners successfully set up and manage their Singapore companies. We take pride in our service and professional support.
See why you should work with Global Link Asia Consulting
Global Link Asia Consulting Law firms Oversea filling agents
Consult and compare options between Singapore and other countries
Consult on the most suitable bank and the account opening success rate at the start
Consult on tax, accounting, and annual obligations right from the start
Transparent fee from the start
Check your company name
Company opening
Free mail forwarding support Charge fee
1-1 support throughout the incorporation and management process
Remind and track important deadlines
Prepare financial reports, organize Singapore tax accounting courses
Singapore country domain name for your website Depend
Register DUNS for your Singapore company Depend

Open your corporate bank account with 99% success

We take pride in providing a unique bank account opening service exclusively for companies in Singapore.
Our service is designed to offer you a seamless experience, and excellent support for opening bank accounts tailored to your company needs.
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Mở tài khoản ngân hàng số cho công ty SIngapore tại nước ngoài uy tín và trọn gói
Which is the best choice for your Singapore company?
Physical bank accounts
Trusted reputable bank
Safe and secure
Requirement for an offline bank interview
Long opening time
Sringent requirement to open
Digital bank accounts
Easy to open
Cost-efficient solution
Trusted brand
Fast customer support
No need to deposit
Unfamiliar for most entrereneurs
No physcial branches, all supports are online

Accounting, tax filing, and financial reporting service for your Singapore company with professionalism and accuracy

With a team of experienced accountants and profound knowledge in Singapore accounting standards (SFRS) and the local tax system, you can expect our unwavering commitment and high-quality service in addressing tax and corporate accounting issues seamlessly.
Ưu điểm Singapore
Preparation of financial reports in adherence to Singapore accounting standards
Ưu điểm Singapore
Tax consulting services involving direct collaboration with the Singapore tax department
Ưu điểm Singapore
English-Vietnamese support in both Singapore and Vietnam
Dịch vụ chuẩn bị báo cáo tài chính, thuế trọn gói cho công ty Singapore
Why you should choose us as your corporate partner
Ưu điểm Singapore
+10 years of experience in the industry offering one-stop services
Ưu điểm Singapore
Transparent services with no hidden fee from the start
Ưu điểm Singapore
Accurate, law-compliant, practical consultations for your business needs
Hỗ trợ dịch vụ thuế - kế toán trọn gói cho doanh nghiệp Singapore

Foreigners can 100% register and open a company in Singapore. The regulatory framework under the Singapore Companies Act allows foreigners to have full ownership, enabling them to own 100% of a Singapore company.

Singapore provides abundant business opportunities and welcomes enterprises across various sectors.

For emerging industries like Fintech and Cryptocurrencies, the process of obtaining an operating license is more transparent and straightforward compared to many other countries.

There are many entity types that you can choose to open your Singapore company. Please refer to your guide: 6 Singapore company types you can not miss to see which type of company should be your go-to choice.

Besides, you can reach out to us for consultation.

Many business owners often select Global Link Asia Consulting as a trusted partner due to several reasons:

  • We help evaluate the success rate of opening a bank account and offer appropriate banking advice from the start.
  • The process of opening a business account is straightforward, professional, and efficient.
  • We maintain long-term relationships with numerous reputable international banking partners, offering you a more competitive price.
  • Our professional consulting team consistently provides prompt and accurate answers to all company inquiries.
  • Quick response times and dedicated one-on-one guidance make the process easy to follow.

To ensure smooth cash flow and uninterrupted business operations, it is advisable that you diversify your business bank accounts into at least two types: digital and physical.

This strategic approach helps minimize the risk of unexpected cash flow disruptions, such as bank account freezes or other unforeseen circumstances.

A digital bank account, also known as a neo-bank account, refers to an account established with digital banks or electronic banks. These banks operate exclusively online without physical branches.

These banks offer advantages such as simplified account opening requirements, lower costs, and the ability to use the account immediately after creation without the need for initial deposits, distinguishing them from traditional banks.

In contrast to numerous traditional tax and accounting services in Singapore, Global Link Asia Consulting provides transparent pricing for our professional accounting services from the start.

We ensure no hidden costs arise during the implementation process. You receive our dedication to serving you in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

We provide diverse service packages tailored to the core needs and desired workload of our clients. All tasks are conducted entirely online, ensuring high efficiency.

We offer accounting services, prepare financial reports in accordance with Singapore Accounting Standards, and handle the preparation and submission of corporate tax returns for Singaporean companies.

In essence, you gain access to efficient and professional accounting solutions, enabling them to run your Singapore company successfully and adavnce your business development.

Once you opt for the service, our tax and accounting team will initiate the process which includes: (1) Consultation and fee reporting (2) Accounting and preparation of financial reports (3) Submission for review and confirmation (4) Issuance of official copies and submission of tax declaration. Our process ensures that your company's financial statements and accounting accounts adhere to Singapore Tax Accounting Standards and you gain clarity in your business operations.

We are a strategic corporate service provider who can help you form and manage your Singapore company with ease and success. Our support extends from incorporation, license registration, bank account opening, tax accounting to Employment Pass registration, and so forth.

Our professional and dedicated experts offer support through an advanced online platform called the Service Desk. Our platform ensures a seamless and effective experience for you.

Experience the convenience of Global Link Asia Consulting's secure and user-friendly online business service platform. This platform introduces a new approach to setting up companies in Singapore and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Instead of letting you wait for responses via emails or unanswered calls, we empower you to be more proactive. Every task is assigned to the appropriate person and tracked automatically, ensuring quick response times and high-quality service.

As soon as you agree to use the service, you will work with and collaborate with our experienced consultants. In each service performed, our experts with experience related to each task will work with you to provide the best quality service.

Every team member at Global Link Asia Consulting will work with your business through the online Service Desk platform, enhancing efficiency and prompt collaboration.


Global Link Asia Consulting is ready to help

Đột phá trong kinh doanh

Let Global Link Asia Consulting help you set up and manage your overseas company from A to Z so that you can focus on global ambitions and create business breakthroughs.

More than 700 business owners have chosen Global Link Asia Consulting as their strategic consulting partner for a successful company incorporation and management. And so can you too. Contact our expert and start your journey today.

Contact our experts and enjoy unlimited benefits today! Contact Us now

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