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Opening a bank account for your offshore company

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What is an offshore bank account?

An offshore bank account is the bank account owned by a company or person in a country where they usually do not reside or incorporate a company in that country.


In other words, since the second country is not the residence country, opening a bank account there would be considered opening an offshore bank account.

You may access and manage your accounts online, as well as make deposits and withdrawals. There aren't many differences between offshore banking and banking at a local bank in the country of incorporation/home country.

Định nghĩa tài khoản ngân hàng offshore cho công ty Mỹ, Hồng Kông, Singapore, offshore
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Reason to consider opening an offshore bank account

Opening an offshore bank account is essential for businesses establishing companies in offshore jurisdictions. Here are three reasons why businesses should consider opening an offshore bank account:

Lý do nên mở tài khoản ngân hàng offshore cho công ty nước ngoài
Thủ tục mở tài khoản ngân hàng offshore đơn giản
No. 1

Easy account opening process

As you seek to open a corporate bank account in the country where you register your company, be mindful that international banking norms have become stringent, focusing heavily on a company's tax residency status.

This scrutiny means that companies based in certain countries may find it challenging to open accounts with traditional banks. To ensure access to active banking facilities, numerous companies turn to opening offshore bank accounts in different countries.

No. 2


A great diversification strategy is to place money in offshore accounts in different nations.

Tài khoản ngân hàng giúp phân tán rủi ro, đa dạng hóa dòng tiền
Bảo vệ tài sản trong tài khoản ngân hàng của doanh nghiệp
No. 3

Asset protection

Your wealth is protected with offshore bank accounts from the grasp of insolvent governments, litigious attorneys, and creditors.
No. 4

High-interest rates

With multi-currency accounts, offshore banking is a terrific way to get greater interest rates.

Doanh nghiệp tiếp cận nhiều kênh đầu tư bằng tài khoản ngân hàng quốc tế
Progress 3

What to consider when opening an offshore bank account

When selecting the appropriate bank for your business, it's important to consider several factors:

Estimate your banking volume, transaction limits to decide which bank might be suitable for your requirements.

Determine the amount of initial deposits you want to place as banks have diffrent deposit limits. You should consider banks that offer competitive transfer fees for long-term beneftis.

Consider the specific financial services your business may require, such as trade financing, foreign exchange, investment advisory, or wealth management, and ensure the chosen bank can provide these services.

Take note of the minimum balance requirements imposed by the bank for the chosen account to avoid unnecessary fees or penalties.

If your business deals with multiple currencies, ensure that the bank supports the currencies you will be transacting in and offers competitive exchange rates.

Assess the ease of conducting transactions with the bank, including the availability of online banking platforms, mobile applications, and customer support services.

Khó khăn khi mở tài khoản cho người nước ngoàiDifficulty of bank account opening for foreigners

Opening a corporate bank account is simple for residents as the goverment holds detailed information of their citizens.

Hoverver, for foreign-owned companies or individuals, the verification is especially difficult as the banks must check to see if the applicant is qualified or not.

Consequently, banks often require more detailed information and follow stricter procedures for their foreign clients.

Chủ doanh nghiệp gặp khó khăn khi mở tài khoản ngân hàng quốc tế
Progress 4

What types of offshore bank accounts can you open?

To operate effectively, a company needs to open bank accounts to manage financial transactions. An offshore account can be a flexible option. The questions here is what type is best fit for your business. Let s take a look at thest options below.

Traditional bank account in the offshore jurisdiction

A traditional bank account in the offshore jurisdiction is provided by reputable banks located within the region where the offshore company is formed. Some advantages of a traditional bank account in the offshore jurisdiction include:

Multi-currency support: This type of account allows the offshore company to conduct transactions in multiple currencies, reducing costs and currency exchange risks.

Information security: Traditional banks usually have high-level information security for clients, along with strict security measures to protect the account holder's identity and financial information.

International transfers: A traditional bank account in the offshore jurisdiction enables safe and efficient international money transfers, ensuring smooth cross-border transactions.

Doanh nghiệp chú ý

Disadvantge: This type of account may not be suitable for most business and may be not as safe as other types below.

Digital/Neo bank account

A digital bank account is a popular choice when managing financial transactions. This option allows account holders to perform transactions and payments online quickly and conveniently, saving time and costs. Some benefits of a digital bank account in the offshore jurisdiction include:

Remote account management: Companies can manage their accounts and access banking services online, without the need to be physically present in branches.

Real-time transactions: A digital bank account enables swift transactions, facilitating efficient financial management for offshore companies engaged in international trade.

Mobile banking apps: Digital banks provide mobile banking applications, allowing account holders to monitor and control their finances anytime, anywhere.

Competitive price with simple opening process: Compared to traditional account opening, registering a digital bank account proves to be a more preferred choice in the long-term with a low maintenance fee, but you still have all basic features of a greast account such as fast international transactions.

Doanh nghiệp chú ý

Disadvantage: This option may not offers high-end complex banking solutions that many businesses are looking for such as letter of credit, bank loans, wealth management.

Bank account in the top financial centers

Traditional bank accounts in global financial hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong offer a level of convenience and security that offshore banks in other countries may not match.

Among the various options for offshore banking, this is the most commonly chosen approach for many international businesses. Here are the key advantages of opening an offshore bank account in financial centers such as Singapore and Hong Kong:

Minimization of political and financial risks: Owning a bank account in Singapore provides access to foreign currency reserves, safeguarding against unstable financial and political risks.

Top-tier privacy and account protection: Opening an account in Hong Kong, Singapore, the U.S. offers robust regulatory frameworks, providing a secure environment for financial activities.

Advanced banking services: International financial centers typically offer specialized financial services. Opening a bank account in a foreign financial center allows a company to benefit from these services. such as multi-currency transasctions, dedicated support, in-depth consultation

Access to different financial markets: By opening a bank account in countries with strategic financial centers, the company gains access to new markets and opportunities.

However, it's worth noting that banks in Singapore and Hong Kong impose strict appraisal and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for company documents when opening offshore accounts. Here's a drawback to consider:

Doanh nghiệp chú ý

Disadvantage: Banks in Singapore and Hong Kong maintain high standards for evaluating company documents when companies seek to open offshore bank accounts. Banks in Singapore and Hong Kong maintain high standards for evaluating company documents when companies seek to open offshore bank accounts.

Progress 5

Checklist for opening an offshore corporate bank account

The bank will require the following information and documents from foreign entrepreneurs and companies who own an offshore company.

Difficulty in preparing documents on your own?

Contact our banking expert today!

Our banking experts at Global Link Asia Consulting are proud to

Assist you in selecting banks with the most favorable fees that align with your specific business needs of the enterprise.

Establish a digitalized robust KYC (Know Your Client) process that guarantees to offer you an accurate opening success rate and guidance on the most suitable bank type for clients even before contractual agreements are finalized.

Lợi ích mở tài khoản ngân hàng cùng Global Link Asia Consulting

Our comprehensive support for entrepreneurs includes:


Consult on banks with the best opening and maintenance fees;


Consult on the most suitable banks for your business;


Access to our advanced KYC procedure;


Help you open successfully at least 1 business bank account;


Support after account opening.

The features of online bank account for Singapore, Hong Kong, the U.S. companies
Progress 6

Why you should consider open a digital bank account for your offshore company?

Nowadays, numerous international companies, after opening their offshore companies, choose to open a minimum of two corporate bank accounts, including at least one electronic bank account (digital bank account).

The trend of opening a digital bank account is gaining popularity due to its efficiency, convenience, and flexibility.

Having a digital bank account for your offshore company allows you to benefit from a swift registration process, smooth transactions, and 24/7 payment capabilities: Manage your finances, conduct international transfers, and monitor transactions in real-time with ease, reliability and efficiency.

Which is the best choice for your offshore company?

Physical bank accounts
Trusted reputable bank
Safe and secure

Requirement for an offline bank interview

Long opening time
Sringent requirement to open
Digital bank accounts
Easy to open
Cost-efficient solution
Fast customer support
No need to deposit
Unfamiliar for most entrereneurs
No support for direct ATM withdrawal, L/C

A chance you can not miss today!

For detailed information, please consult Global Link Asia Consulting's comprehensive guide on how to open a digital bank account for offshore companies.

The difference in the way we offer our banking service

As a pioneer with +10 years of experience, our experts have helped many business owners successfully set up and manage their offshore companies. We take pride in our service and professional support.

See why you should work with Global Link Asia Consulting

Global Link Asia ConsultingLaw companyOther corporate service provider
Trusted partner with profound local knowledge of each bank and their banking services
Consultation on various types of bank accounts with an evaluation of success rates from the outset
Ongoing support throughout the entire process of opening a bank account
Gurrantee to successfully open at least one account
Progress 7

Process of opening an offshore bank account

Depending on the country and type of account you choose to open an offshore bank account, you can interview online or have to go to the selected country for a face-to-face interview with a bank consultant.

Global Link Asia Consulting - we are a strategic banking consultant with 10 years of experience and an extensive network with major banks around the world. With truly local knowledge of each banks and the baking landscape, we hep you get a bank account with success in these 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Understand your needs

Understanding your specific requirements and evaluating the likelihood of success. Based on this assessment, we recommend the most suitable bank.

Step 2: Confirm the service and prepare document

Preparing documents once you decide to proceed, we confirm the services you require and provide detailed instructions.

Step 3: Submit documents

Reviewing the prepared documents and submits the best version to the chosen bank.

Step 4: Arrange a bank interview

Arranging an interview appointment with the bank and provide support throughout the interview process.

Step 5: Follow up until your account approval

Following up until your bank account is successfully opened. In the rare event of an unsuccessful first attempt, we assist with applications and openings at other suitable banks.

Progress 8

Why you should choose Global Link Asia Consulting as your trusted partner in Singapore bank account opening

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Linda [...] They guaranteed to help me open at least a bank account anh they did. Their commitment to support has helped my company have an extremely good backup plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions we receive. Feel free to explore them and if your question is not listed below, contact us for more information:

Each offshore bank is unique and will have its procedures and requirements when creating an account. Therefore, we will suggest the minimal paperwork needed to open an offshore bank account, including:

  • Documentation proving your identity;
  • Documentation proving place of residence;
  • Documentation proving source of funds.

These inquiries are made to deter money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, and other illicit practices that are occasionally connected to offshore banking.

  • Risk migration: Putting money into offshore accounts in various countries can be an excellent way for asset protection.
  • Diverrsified invesment channels: Diversifying your money into safe offshore bank accounts can be a great way to obtain higher interest rates on your money.
  • Advanced banking services: You get access to premium banking services and professional consultation

You can open an account remotely with some offshore banks by filling out the account application and sending it, along with the necessary documents, through courier. But ultimately, most banks will want you to visit in person.

Global Link Asia Consulting will assist individuals and businesses in setting up offshore companies by helping them choose suitable banks that align with their business needs, ensuring compliance with legal regulations, and saving time, effort, and money.

The process of opening an offshore bank account can vary from one bank to another. However, it's important to note that the approval process can be time-consuming, often taking anywhere from 3 months to 1 year due to the bank's thorough appraisal and verification procedures.

Every financial institution has its fee schedule. Generally speaking, they will charge an account opening or activation fee, additionally, some will charge an additional KYC fee. The fees will vary case by case, depending on the nature of your business and the complexity of your application.

The amount to open your offshore bank account will vary according to the specific bank requirements and the type of account selected.

The goal of opening an offshore bank account is to do it at the safest possible bank. So yes, offshore banks will usually be very safe. In addition, we only consult you with top secure banks which are approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, government agencies in Hong Kong, the U.S..

Anyone can open an offshore account. And your profile can help us guide you toward the most suitable banks.

Contrary to popular belief, it is legal to have and transfer funds to offshore accounts as long as you follow your country, international, and offshore banking rules.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of consulting strategy and supporting businesses to open offshore companies, Global Links Asia Consulting is a trustworthy business advisor that is always trusted, selected, and accompanied by clients. Besides, Global Links Asia Consulting is a reputable partner of many big banks in Singapore, the U.S., Hong Kong, offshore, etc. will assist individuals/businesses to choose and open offshore bank accounts by their needs.

  • Consulting to choose banks in Singapore, the U.S., Hong Kong, and offshore on the needs and desires of individuals and businesses;
  • Process consulting and support to open bank accounts in Singapore, the U.S., Hong Kong, offshore;
  • Support to submit necessary documents and documents and track results with the bank selected by the business;
  • Consulting and supporting the opening of bank accounts for individuals, businesses, and offshore companies
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