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what-is-ssl-certificates-glacSSL stands for Secure Socket Layer - A Digital Certificate which validates a website's identity and creates a secure link between a web server and a visitor’s browser.

When an internet browser enters an SSL – protected website, SSL certificate will automatically create a secure link which encrypts the information sent by the internet user. In addition, to those website having completed connection, a visitor’s browser will see a padlock icon and HTTPS prefix in the browser bar. Especially, if a website is installed EV (Extended Validation) SSL, the green bar and the company name will appear in the bar to prove that it is safe for them to share personal details. Besides, the website is most secure when SSL is deployed on all pages and subdomains.



Websites have become a major marketing and sales channel for businesses in Industry 4.0. In building websites to attract customers, besides developing content and design, ensuring security is of utmost importance. Buying an SSL Certificate for websites is the most effective means of doing so. This article by Global Link Asia Consulting will provide readers with essential information about SSL.


In nowadays economy, many enterprises in the world have been planning to expand their businesses to potential markets in other countries. With the rapid speed of development and spread of the Internet, choosing to introduce and promote the company brand through the Internet platform becomes a crucial step to help enterprises easily attract customers, clients and gained a righteous position in the market.


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