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Underwriting for PayPal Business

Underwriting for PayPal Business (2)

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Have you set up your online e-commerce Store? How long have you used PayPal? If you have been using PayPal for a long time, you have been certainly required to verify the account holder’s information, business activities, transactions, and so on by PayPal.

When your PayPal account reached a certain volume, you will be required to do a full Underwriting with PayPal.

What is Underwriting? What are the steps? What benefits does it bring to the account holder and what notes should be taken? Global Link Asia Consulting will share the latest information as well as the experience we have obtained from helping many customers do Underwriting in this article.

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What is PayPal Reserve? What do Rolling Reserve, Minimum Reserve, Jumpstart Reserve mean? What do the percentages or days on Reserve account mean? How does PayPal evaluate accounts to determine Reserve amounts? How to have better Reserve?

To help Merchants to clarify these above questions, Global Link Asia Consulting will discuss the definition and functions of PayPal Reserves with practical examples in this article.

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